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Items to Bring for an Inpatient Stay

Patients who will be staying at West Oaks Hospital may bring up to five days’ worth of clothing. However, clothing may not contain prohibited items (like drawstrings, underwire, etc.). For additional information about what is considered contraband or prohibited items, please see below.

What Not to Bring

West Oaks Hospital strives to maintain a secure, health environment for our patients. Therefore, potentially dangerous items will be removed as contraband. Any illegal items that can be used, in whole or in part, as a weapon will be considered contraband and removed from the patient’s possession. West Oaks Hospital has the sole right to determine what is to be considered contraband or prohibited items.  The following list contains, but is not limited to, all things that might be considered contraband.

Contraband – Any property that is illegal to possess

  • Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Stolen property
  • Weapons

Prohibited Items – possessions that may create a safety risk for self or others

  • Items containing alcohol
  • Excessive amounts of clothing (more than 5 days’ worth of clothing)
  • Posters, jewelry, clothing or any item that is suggestive of violence, drug or alcohol abuse or gang culture
  • Sharp items including shaving razors, scissors, knives, and tweezers
  • Flammable materials, cigarette lighters, matches and any other items that can produce a flame
  • Weapons including guns, knives (any size) and martial arts items
  • Medications (must be given to staff to secure in our pharmacy or be taken home) including vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Toxic or hazardous liquids or materials
  • Mirrors including those in compacts
  • Glass items, glass picture frames or anything in a glass container (except eyeglasses)
  • Ropes, chains or other corded items (including electrical cords, earbuds, shoelaces, belts, scarves, clothing with drawstrings, underwire bars and thong-type underwear)
  • Cameras, any recording devices, cell phones (visitors may use cell phones only in lobby)
  • Electronics (including radios, televisions, music players, video games and laptops)
  • Bed linens, pillows (EXCEPTION: Residential patients may have their own blankets and pillows)
  • Tobacco products
  • Bags and purses
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • Any aerosol products
  • Stamps
  • Perfume, colognes
  • Gum, candy and food not prepared at West Oaks Hospital (unless approved by the treatment team)
  • Steel tipped army, cowboy, or other steel tipped boots.
  • Excessive luggage.
  • Button batteries (used in hearing aide, watches, remote, etc.)
  • Magnets, magnetic toys, fidget spinners and polymer toy ball items.
  • Personal hygiene products (Exceptions can be made for patients with allergies or sensitive skin that require use of specially formulated hygiene products that may have a warning label.  A physician’s order must be obtained to allow a patient to use his or her own personal hygiene products, to be monitored while using own personal hygiene products and to be secured outside of patient care areas. Justification is needed for this type of order.)
  • Flip flops and light-up tennis shoes
  • Any items with hemp material, including clothes and shoes

Other items, at the sole discretion of our staff, may be refused to be allowed on the units.

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