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Second Chances Program

The Second Chances Program at West Oaks Outpatient Clinic is the only evidence-based social learning program in the Houston area for psychiatric patients with a chronic mental health disorder. The program aims to help them establish a more meaningful and independent life. Second Chances provides a new opportunity to individuals when multiple hospitalizations and outpatient treatment have not been effective.

Based on the successful Second Chance Program at New York Hospital Cornell, Second Chances works with people who have had multiple inpatient hospitalizations and shown little progress with outpatient treatment. Most of these patients are unemployed, disabled, living in personal care homes or require care their families cannot manage alone.

Licensed therapists use the social learning model, a token economy and level systems to promote positive behaviors and teach social, coping and pre-vocational skills. We work very closely with families, caregivers, the Department of Rehabilitative Services and other supports to coordinate care. Free trainings are offered twice a year for providers and family members who want to utilize the program in their homes.

A graduate of Second Chances obtains employment, vocational training, a volunteer position, school admission or some other meaningful activity. The program works closely with the Chronic Consumer Stabilization Initiative, Fort Bend Mental Health Court and Harris County Guardianship Program to improve the lives of some of their most chronic patients.

Contact the Excel Centers of West Oaks Hospital at 713-774-0606 to learn more about the Second Chances Program.

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