New Leadership Makes Changes to Improve Patient Care

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New Leadership Makes Changes to Improve Patient Care

West Oaks’ new leadership makes changes to improve patient care and patient satisfaction through new programs and aesthetic environmental changes.

Our motto is “It’s a new day at West Oaks” and our new day began in early 2016 when Mandy Westerman, LCSW, joined the West Oaks Team as CEO. In these two short years, Mandy, with the help of her team, expanded the services West Oaks provides and made changes to the patient’s environment to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

“Mandy refreshed our programs by adding Zumba classes, yoga, pet therapy, and recreational therapy, which is comprised of art appreciation, music appreciation, and monthly special events,” said our Director of Risk Management, Jenn McCaskill, LPC, LCDC. “While this improved patient care may be non-traditional, these new programs allow patients to engage outside of traditional groups, let their guard down, and strengthen bonds within their cohort opening patients up to more intensive discussion group therapies. Furthermore, new programs lead to additional coping skills following discharge from West Oaks Hospital.”

Our culture is focused on safety and service excellence. Allyson Medina, LPC, LMFT, Director of Quality Assurance/PI notes, “we have been focused on improving our safety outcomes. We transitioned from Crisis Prevention (CPI) to Handle with Care, which concentrates on verbal de-escalation and safer techniques.” In light of this transition, Mandy created Lead Technician positions to lead all Handle with Care training. “These new positions have created a career ladder for technicians to grow within the organization and a chance to lead,” explains Allyson.

Among some of the many changes made to the West Oaks facility is the newly renovated cafeteria. Mandy recognized the need for bright colors and now the cafeteria and hallway leading to the space is adorned with bright greens, yellows, and blues. “I’ve been through four CEOs and Mandy is by far the best,” exclaims Colleen Paxton, LCP-S, LMFT-S, Director of Clinical Services Inpatient. “Mandy focuses on patient care and supports her staff with utmost commitment, that as staff, we want to do our very best,” says Cassie Richter, Director of Business Development.

Patient satisfaction scores continue to soar. Yet, the team at West Oaks will not settle there. We continue to look for creative ways to engage patients and ameliorate their stay.

West Oaks Hospital and EXCEL Centers – West Oaks Outpatient Services provides comprehensive services to meet the needs of patients (ages 5 through adulthood) struggling with mental health and/or chemical dependency issues. We are dedicated to providing quality psychiatric care facilitated by a compassionate and skilled staff. West Oaks Hospital operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you know of someone in need of behavioral health services, please call 713-995-0909 for a no cost assessment.

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